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Blog // Connect Puerto Rico

PAIS Banda Ancha


Javier Rúa Jovet/ Presidente de la Junta Reglamentadora de TelecomunicacionesFomentar el acceso universal a Internet de alta velocidad constituye uno de los retos eminentes del Puerto Rico moderno y es prioridad central de mi gestión al frente de la Junta Reglamentadora de Telecomunicaciones. La adopción de banda ancha multiplica el crecimiento económico: duplicar la velocidad promedio de Internet aumenta el producto nacional bruto en un 0.3%. A la vez, promueve sociedades inclusivas, funcionales y democráticas: hace posible la educación, salud y empleo a distancia, facilita la función del Estado, así como la del sector privado y...

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Gaming Tournament Highlights Puerto Rico’s First Gigabit Fiber-to-the-Home Internet Service

By Wil Payton

Optico Fiber, Puerto Rico’s first gigabit fiber-to-the-home Internet service, was featured this past Saturday at the Optico Fiber Gaming — No Lag Allowed tournament. Over 350 gamers came to the Digital Corridor sector of Santurce to participate in the event, organized by Electronic Sports Puerto Rico. The electronic sports industry is experiencing significant growth and Electronic Sports Puerto Rico is striving to gain recognition for Puerto Rico as a central hub of competitive gaming in Latin America. Below is an excerpt from a News Is My Business article on the event: The event, sponsored by the Digital Corridor and Critical Hub Networks,...

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Connecting Communities With LiveOps

By Connected Nation

Our teams across the nation are working with local providers and governments to bridge the digital divide in underserved areas -- particularly across rural America. None of the progress we've made would be possible without great partners, like our friends at LiveOps!  They recently joined our Connect Iowa team for their annual Broadband Summit where they participated in our "Digital Job Creation" panel. This panel was facilitated through Digital Works, our program that offers training for the 21st century workforce as well as work placement. Digital Works has an established relationship with LiveOps as an agent recruiting partner. Once...

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Puerto Rico Envisions a Silicon Island

By Wil Payton

Puerto Rico is making strides to become a center for world-class technology by making a significant investment in broadband infrastructure. The commonwealth recently announced that $17 million has been earmarked for technology development. This initiative will bring fiber to the capital city, San Juan. Below is an excerpt from a article on this development: "There is a clear and proven correlation between broadband adoption and economic growth," says Giancarlo González, CIO for the commonwealth of Puerto Rico. He states that a 10 percent rise in broadband adoption typically results in a 1 percent increase in gross domestic...

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