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Blog // Connect Puerto Rico

Puerto Rican Businesses Use Broadband in Unique Ways

By CPR Staff

Puerto Rican businesses use technology in ways that make the territory stand out and highlight ways that the territory’s unique character has influenced its workforce. To better understand the impact that broadband has had on Puerto Rico’s business landscape, Connect Puerto Rico conducted a Business Technology Assessment of 814 Puerto Rico business establishments in 2010. Some of the findings are displayed below:

• Nearly seven out of ten (69%) Internet-connected businesses utilize online banking. This is the most-cited use of the Internet among businesses in Puerto Rico
• Many Puerto Rican businesses are new broadband adopters, as Puerto Rican businesses are significantly more likely than average to say they began using broadband less than a year ago
• Among small Puerto Rican businesses (those with fewer than five employees), businesses that sell goods or services online report that over one-third (36.3% on average) of their sales revenues come from online transactions
• In addition, broadband helps empower Puerto Rico’s workforce by enabling workers to telework. Across Puerto Rico, 13% of businesses (approximately 6,000) allow employees to telework. By comparison, 23% of businesses in states/territories served by Connected Nation allow their employees to telework.
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